Bilingual Cafe - Your language immersion venue

Your Language Immersion Venue
Bilingual Café is a LANGUAGE IMMERSION VENUE.  A place where you can learn and hone your language skills at your own pace and style.  We facilitate opportunities to practice the target language. Many of you have been taking lessons, listening to CD's, and looking up words in dictionaries for years.  You've spent time and money yet have not been able to become fluent.  Some of you are fluent but don't feel that you have mastered that target language yet. 
What we offer you is a place to immerse yourself in the language, which happens to be the only way to become fluent.  Now, you don't have to move to a foreign country.  Just come whenever you feel like talking and learning.
Bilingual Café is a private membership club where we facilitate opportunities to practice and master your target language.  

Contact us at (615)474-4512. 

Contact us at (615)474-4512. 
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